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Cabo de Palos

5 km | 10 min. drive | charming fisherman's village

This is an interesting area for scuba diving fans. Its sea bed is one of the most important nature reserves in the Mediterranean.


30 km | 25 min. drive | historical city

The port of Cartagena, in the Mediterranean's Costa Cálida, has been prized since Carthaginian times. Thanks to its strategic position on the Murcia coast, it has been inhabited by several cultures which have left their mark on its artistic heritage.


70 km | 40 min. drive | aiport | capital city of the region

A chain of mountains surrounds the plain which Murcia sits upon, a city of Arab origin whose existence is closely linked to the fertile lands around the river Segura. From among its streets of guilds emerges the tower of the Cathedral, one of the symbols of the city.


130 km | 90 min. drive | aiport | favourite city in Spain

Located in the middle of the Costa Blanca, Alicante is one most important tourist destinations in the Spanish east coast. The many golf courses, along with the tranquil waters of the Mediterranean Sea, are part of the appeal of this beautiful harbour city, which sits at the foot of the Castle of Santa Barbara, a silent witness to the numerous civilisations to have settled here.


66 km | 50 min. drive | pink lagoon

Torrevieja is a tourist town whose life revolves around the sea and the production of salt. Its two huge salt mines, La Mata y Torrevieja, are surrounded by modern housing estates.

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The Palms

Beachresort & Spa



Only 10 minutes away the resort you can find the best international sushi in the whole area. There are plenty of restaurants offering the tasty sushi made from fresh seafoods.


La Mestiza restaurant is the fusion of the creativity of La Palera, the passion for the Mediterranean of Blue fish and the party of La Cangreja. A place inspired by the mixture of cultures, blues, coplas, boleros and rancheras. La Mestiza is CONCEPT + SPACE + GASTRONOMY + ENVIRONMENT. A new universe with our typical vibe.


Only 30 minutes away the resort you can observe flamingoes at Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar. The best time to visit is spring and autumn, although the greatest concentrations of flamingos can be seen in late June. The Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro Regional Reserve extends for 6 kilometres along Murcia’s Mediterranean coastline between the towns of San Pedro del Pinatar and San Javier.


Riding a horse releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals that make you feel good. If you're having fun (and we bet you will!), these euphoric chemicals will be released by the brain, reduce your stress, and make you feel better. Especially riding a horse in the natural park Calblanque by the shore - it's a wonderful experience!


Amphorae, lead ingots, anchors... even a life-size model of a Roman merchant ship. This is just a part of the collection on display in this museum dedicated to the exhibition of objects found in underwater archaeological excavations. The visit offers a journey through the history of maritime activities, trading and transportation, with particular emphasis on the Phoenician and Roman times. There is also an outstanding collection of seven scale models of ancient ships, and even an exact replica of a galley ship.


La Manga Club has always been synonymous with golf. The prestigious North, South and West courses, along with Pitch & Putt, offer different styles to challenge golfers of all levels. These 18-hole courses have been carefully designed by Arnold Palmer, Robert Putman, Dave Thomas, and Severiano Ballesteros. The magnificent golf facilities also include the best Practice Center in Europe and an Academy run by the renowned instructor Thomas Johansson and his team. La Manga Club lives and breathes sport. It has been our main activity since the resort was born, we support and identify with the values it promotes.


The museum exhibits items discovered in excavations in the area of the Roman Theatre in Cartagena, built between the 5th and 1st centuries BC. The visit to the museum includes a guided tour of part of the city and inside the Roman Theatre itself. It has capacity for 6,000 people and played an important role at the time of Ancient Rome. It has characteristic raked seating excavated out of the rock, a wealth of decoration and a stage measuring more than 43 metres in length.


Choose to have a good day enjoying the best seafood, fish, meat, hamburgers and much more at Surfing La Manga. A beach club on the white sandy beach where you can choose to be on the terrace or in the hammocks on the sand are waiting for you...


At La Manga there are 11 sailing schools which provide instruction as well as boat hire, as well as 4 marinas providing services for crews and vessels. Sailboat with captain and speedboats to rent in La Manga, Spain. Hire our boats for birthdays and family trips and excursions!


You can enjoy a special gastronomic offer of the Miramar Restaurant with excellent views that can be seen from any of the restaurant seats. The luminous blue colour of the Mediterranean, the masts of the boats in the port or the dark lines of the cliffs that surround the area will accompany your delicious meal.


Hormiga Islands are 2.5 miles away from the coast. The sea bed has been designated an Integral Marine Reserve for its exceptional beauty and excellent state of conservation, and is considered one of the best scuba diving sites in Spain. Here you will find reefs and corral deep underwater, as well as the remains of shipwrecks and sunken boats: a real adventure for scuba fans.


La Tana Restaurant, located in port in Cabo de Palos. It started at the beginning of the last century, with a grocery store. From the 50s it became a kind of bar, eating house and musical casino.And starting in 1965, it was renovated into a restaurant with spectacular views. The restaurant got one Michelin star and all the visitors simply love it. You can enjoy lunch at wonderful terrace watching port and have a wonderful time with excellent service at famous restaurant in the area.


Vegan Queen is a 100% vegan restaurant specialized in Fast Food, where they do not use products of animal origin. They offer hamburgers, hot dogs, nuggets, skewers…and much more! The menu includes hamburgers and hot dogs, but also nuggets, salads, and chicken skewers (no chicken). In accordance with Garijo's philosophy, vegetables, soft drinks and beer are organic. In addition, Vegan Queen does not exclude animals, since it is defined as a local 'dog friendly'.


A fantastic experience We are away from the noise in a quiet space surrounded by peace Discover our magnificent gastronomic proposal and enjoy it by the sea, on our beautiful terrace on the beach or in our warm winter dining room. At El Parador del Mar Menor we pay attention to every detail, from decoration and service to the quality of our cuisine. We celebrate the best weddings on the beach as well as any other type of celebration. Visit us!


Isla Mayor, popularly known as Isla del Barón is the largest (almost 94 hectares) of all the islands in the Region of Murcia. It is an extinct volcanic cone, with a round perimeter and 104 meters above sea level. The privately owned island owes its name to the Baron of Benifayó Don Julio Falcó d'Adda who was born in Milan (Italy) on February 22, 1834, and died on January 29, 1899, at the age of 65, in San Pedro del Pinata (Murcia). The Baron of Benifayó belonging to the Italian house of Savoy and related to Spanish royalty and a close friend of the King of Spain Amadeo I, was a liberal, adventurous man, a lover of parties and women, although he never married, and owner of a great fortune.


Do you like adventures? You can enjoy every day learning a different water sport. Kite surfing and wind surfing is the most favourite ones in this area. You can find a lot of surfing schools and bars -this location is made for surfing! Because Spain is considered the mecca of windsurfing in Europe, its beaches regularly serve as venues for international competitions, and it is the preferred destination of all the most international windsurfers. In any case, there are many schools all along this coast that can help you to take your first steps in the sport.


Last week our team went for a kayak excursion by Cabo de Palos shore. We were able to watch the construction of our beach resort CABO BEACH from the water and explore magical caves. It was truly amazing experience. During your stays in Cabo de Palos we highly recommend you to do it aswell. The blue color from the sea water made perfect contrast with our resort.


The architecture of Collados Beach is characterized by its rounded forms like dunes and by its successful visual integration with the environment in which it rests. Collados Beach has unbeatable panoramic views of the city as well as the sea. It has all the comforts that the most demanding couples need from a luxury complex by the sea.


They say: “For some, shopping is an art; for others, it's a sport.” If you love shopping you will not be disappointed in this area full of big shopping centres, cute boutiques and of course original markets. From kids clothes till luxury brands...


Come to Spain and enjoy carnival, an exhilarating festival celebrated in many places all over the country. Carnival is celebrated between the months of February or March; the dates are different each year. The festival is noted for humour, parodies and costumes in the streets of Spanish towns and cities, which all have their own traditions. Below, we recommend several different carnivals which stand out for being original, beautiful and spectacular. Start thinking about your costume and book a flight to Spain.


The labyrinth of the Rafael de la Cerda Leisure Park in Tentegorra is the largest plant labyrinth in Spain, and one of the largest plant labyrinths in the world. It has become a tourist reference throughout the region and an icon of the city of Cartagena. The labyrinth is made up of a variety of Leylandi cypresses, brought from nurseries in the center of Spain, two meters high that prevent the orientation of visitors, its construction lasted several months. It is an interactive labyrinth with twelve doors that allow us to configure the route at our will, to which are joined the two itineraries, one easy, and another more complicated for lovers of challenges. The doors that we find while going through the maze are themed, symbolizing each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.


Summer is synonymous with beach bars and these places on the beach are here to celebrate their busiest timeof the year. However, beyond beer and tapas, there are establishments that seek to get the most out of their business and expand the gastronomic offer to attract more customers. This was precisely the commitment of La Cangreja, located on Galúa Beach in La Manga, which has to be recognized as one of the 25 best beach bars in Spain in 2022 by Tapas magazine.


La Manga is also ideal for enjoying fantastic sunsets in which the sun hides behind the mountains while its reflection lightens up the waters of the lagoon. Do not forget to bring your cell phone or camera because you will surely make a cool picture to be used as a screensaver or desktop image. When Mar Menor is calm, usually early in the morning or in the hours of dusk, its waters are like a mirror. This is certainly a landscape unique to this place which is even more enjoyable if you look at it from a higher place like the hill next to the Pino cove.


Maloca is a unique space, located on Los Alemanes beach, a beautiful beach of fine, golden sand. A place with spectacular views of the island and behind the natural area of Las Salinas. Perfect place for watching sunset. Every afternoon the sun gives us an extraordinary spectacle of light and color. Discover a powerful foodie experience wrapped in a vibrant atmosphere where inspiration seems to have no limits.


The biggest outdoor mud therapy sight in Europe can be found in San Pedro del Pinatar. To come here and not cover yourself from head to toe with its famous therapeutic mud would be a crime! You can choose to do it yourself on the seafront or in the thalassotherapy centres of the coastline. And if you want to take a little piece of paradise back home with you, don’t forget you can buy the mud in the thalassotherapy centres..

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