Spotting dolphins and whales in the Mediterranean isn’t always easy. You really have to be in the right place at the right time!
There are a few coastal hotspots that would increase your chances of seeing these gorgeous animals though, so if seeing them is your dream then pick your location carefully – and take your lucky charms!

But between Cabo de Palos and Cabo de Gata, on the edge of the Alboran Sea, is a great place for dolphin and whale watching. In this area, the water can get very deep, reaching over 1,000 meters. Such depths make if a great habitat for all the things whales and dolphins like to eat, and they are more than happy to flock there to fill their bellies. Striped dolphins, common dolphins, bottle-nose dolphins, pilot whales, Risso’s dolphins, fin whales and sperm whales, all show up during spring and summer to gorge themselves.


That Cabo de Palos is a paradise is known by the dolphins and humpbacks that have been visiting us since June almost daily,” they say from the Facebook page of the Cabo de Palos Nautical Club.

In it you can see a bottlenose dolphin in full jump and, in the background, you will not be surprised.